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MK3.5 produces a lot of scrap: My experience  

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MK3.5 produces a lot of scrap: My experience

Had to print a component for a model building project.

Filament: Polymaker PolyLite PETG.Printer default setting: "Original Prusa MK3.5 MMU3 Nozzle 0.4, 0.20mm Structural".

Result: My more than 10 printing attempts showed major errors in the support areas (photo 1) regardless of the filament used. The support structure was destroyed and covered in numerous blobs. The nozzle was completely smeared with filament.

To clarify whether it was the filament, I printed a temp tower as a test.

The g-code dates back to before the upgrade to MK3.5. That's why I used the printer profile of the MK3S+: "Original Prusa i3 MK3&MK3S+ MMU3"

Result: The temp tower was printed without errors over the temperature range of 220-250 degrees. So it can't be the filament (photo 2)

I then printed the same component again using the print profile of the MK3S+.

Result: The pressure and structure of the support columns were flawless. (photo 3)


In addition to other oddities (MLB; FirstLayer calibration; , and deficits in the user interface, for me this is another indication that neither the firmware nor the PrusaSlicer have been optimally adapted to the MK3.5.

Under these conditions, the "upgrade" to the MK3.5 was not worthwhile for me. If the MK3.5 turns out to be a dead end with no possibility of updating to MK3.9 / MK4, that's it for me.

What experiences do you have?

Posted : 24/04/2024 12:57 pm
RE: MK3.5 produces a lot of scrap: My experience

Which FW you have? 6.0.0.? You have MMU3 too?  I just made 3.5 upgrade (I have Revo 6 hotend). I also have MMU3 upgrade almost finished (I waiting for MMU3-xBuddy cable). So I have a new "chimney" for MMU installed on my extruder which is little bit tricky to load filament but it works ok. I just made a 3 simple prints with MK3.5 profiles from PrusaSlicer 2.7.4 and everything looks good. I had a small problem with LoadFilament senzro - I had to correct chimney position little bit.
Posted : 24/04/2024 3:57 pm