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MMU3 and E3D Revo Six  

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MMU3 and E3D Revo Six

Is there anyone that currently using MMU3 with Revo Six? 

I was doing assembling my MK3S+ extruder area and I reached part where I have to remove the hotend to check condition of PTFE. I thought "wait a minute, is MMU compatible with Revo Six?" So, I googled it and I read many complaints about MMU2 and Revo issues - mostly about long thin thread of filament during filament change. And I also heard that E3D haven't tested if works with MMU series. 

Posted : 17/09/2023 10:01 pm
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Make sure your Revo Six heating element is good, mine was unable to pass Thermal Model Cal and I had a couple high thermal alarms. Even noticed a few times after filament swaps the temp was way off, too low, too high. Since replacing my heating element it's been rock solid, extruder holds temp amazingly well now.

Other observation . . .  I'm running MK3S+ with Revo Six & MMU3, my firmware is 3.13.1 & 3.3.0 with Prusa Slicer 2.60 & 2.61. My preferred filament is Prusament PETG, Hatchbox PETG and Amazon Basics PETG. Initially I did have some odd prints and stringing, especially my wiping blocks, very ugly. I noticed the Prusa Slicer filament profiles were "off" compared to the non-MMU filament profiles. Meaning if you choose the stand-alone MK3S / MK3S+ machine profile versus the MK3S / MK3S+ MMU3  machine profile. I found this odd, that different machine profiles had their own filament profiles, I thought it was a single database in Prusa Slicer.

Note: My MK3S+ (non-MMU3) machine profile + filament profiles have been working fine as programmed (so defaults are good). It was only when I chose the MK3S+ MMU3 machine profile that the filament profiles seem very different.

Once I noticed the differences I created copies of each filament profile for the MK3S+ MMUs machine profile. It's really only the filament temps, not the heated bed temps.

Example: for Prusament PETG filament profile differences of the same filament:

First Layer = FL

Other Layers = OL

HB First Layer = HFL

HB Other Layers = HOL                              FL  |  OL   | HFL | HOL

with MMU3 Prusament Profile:                230 |  230 |   85  |   90

non-MMMU3 Prusament  Profile:            240 | 250 |   85   |   90

Ever since I noticed this and made my filament temp corrections as with MMU3 specific filament profiles my prints have been exceptional.

Good luck !!


Posted : 18/09/2023 3:17 am
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RE: MMU3 and E3D Revo Six

@Mykal451 Thank you for the detail information. When you mentioned the firmware, I remembered that I had to rollback to 3.11 which is only stability version for Revo. But I did read somewhere about Thermal Model Calibration errors (which I haven't experienced) that encouraged me to rollback to 3.11 from 3.13. 

But how do you passed the Thermal Model Calibration now? Did you tuned the PID into stable or just use those setting you mentioned above? 

I'm not skilled on tribble with all settings. I have been using basic genetic setting ever since I first got 3D printer (MK3 - not S or S+). 

Posted : 18/09/2023 9:24 pm
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RE: MMU3 and E3D Revo Six

Hmm, did you load the Revo Six + MK3 specific hex file for your printer, the zip file contains 4 builds specific to Revo Six; variants are for MK3 vs MK3S+ and 60w vs 40W heaters . . .

It contains the following files . . .






Posted : 19/09/2023 2:17 am
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Keep in mind, even when you flash the revo-specific firmware, it may still not work with the Thermal Model Cal. This is due to previous EEPROM values being stored that are too different than what needs to be used, so it errors out before it can even begin the test.

To fix this, you need to perform a factory reset, and clear All Data.

  • Press and hold the control knob and reset button
  • Release the reset button, wait for the loud beep, then release the control knob
  • Scroll down ALL the way to "All Data" and select it

This will result in resetting everything (including sheet profiles/Live-Z settings). If you really want to avoid this and have the ability to terminal into the printer, you can follow steps 5-16 of these directions. This will essentially bypass the checks and manually perform the new TM cal.


I will say, finally being able to make the switch to the 3.13 firmware and use the MMU with the 3.0.x firmware... it's a completely different beast. Still working through all the usual kinks -- I'm still using a (heavily modified) MMU2S. The new loading routine of the 3.0.x firmware definitely improves things by an order of magnitude (seriously... it's crazy watching it now compared to the normal eternal grinding routine from before).

As far as the revo side is concerned the only thing I'm still working through is a few failed loads due to tip formation still. I used capricorn XS for the hotend PTFE insert, which I thought would be close enough for the inner diameter, but I went ahead and picked up some replacement MK3S+/MMU specific PTFE inserts from the prusa shop due to apparently having an even tighter tolerance at 1.85mm. We'll see how that goes.

Actual print quality is fan-flipping-tastic though. Exactly what my unit needed after basically completely ruining the stock hotend from too much burnt buildup/damaged thermistor wiring.

Posted : 21/09/2023 5:10 am