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Upgrade MMU2, no S?  

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Upgrade MMU2, no S?

I got an MMU2 for my MK3, and now I'm finally upgrading the MK3 to 3.9. Figured I'd upgrade the MMU as well, but all the kits say MMU2S to 3. AFAIK, my MMU2 is just a 2, not a 2S. Is it still possible to upgrade it?

Posted : 28/02/2024 3:28 am
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RE: Upgrade MMU2, no S?

IIRC the MMU2S introduced the box buffer  assembly instead of the hinged arm filament buffer. 
the MMU2 plastics all get replaced in the MMU3 setup (except the filament selector front plate with the M5 adapter for the Festo connector)

If you want the buffer box option the buffer plates are available from Prusa

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Posted : 29/02/2024 8:26 am