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MMU3 failure screen options  

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MMU3 failure screen options

When there is an issue with loading filament , the only option is "retry" which is very limited.

Retry can enter an endless loop, and if no disassembly resolves the issue, the only recourse would be to reset and lose the print.

I've had times when I've had to unscrew parts of the MMU3 selector or physically move the selector to the left or right in order to clear filament. In this type of instance, a "Re-home + retry" option would be nice It's difficult to get the selector lined up manually.

Maybe the manual selector buttons will "home" to that slot? I need to try that. Worst case scenario the user can choose to load a different filament just to move the print along.

Perhaps I am missing some other option. I'm open to suggestion or correction.

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Posted : 19/04/2024 9:01 pm
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RE: MMU3 failure screen options

You can try the reset-button on the MMU3. This will home all axes and the print can be continued. Sometimes it takes several trials but never give up.

Posted : 20/04/2024 7:27 am
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