Filament ejected over and over after approx 10cm height
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Filament ejected over and over after approx 10cm height  

Filament ejected over and over after approx 10cm height

Hi there,

I am actually facing an issue that, when the print get over a certain height (approx 10cm) the filament is getting ejected over and over again.

On many prints I am facing the same issue, the print runs more than 24h without an issue, but when it is getting higher the filament start to get ejected. I am simply pushing it back and the print can be continued until the next ejection. What I am seeing is that the printer starts to shake more and more with the height of the print and the MMU on top doesn't make it better. Finda is checked, I cleaned everything, result stays the same.

Any comment is welcome.



Posted : 24/06/2024 5:01 pm
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I had similar problem on MMU3.   I had to adjust the Finda closer,  It would intermittently trip there was no filament and caused the ejection sequence. This was after using the MMU3 for a few weeks.   

On the MMU2 this is a week point.  The MMU3 modified the Finda action by adding a magnet and magnetic ball to assure the ball drops on the MMU3.   When I had the MMU2 setup I had it mounted horizontally for this problem.   The ball not dropping all the way can lead to having the Finda too high on the MMU2 if not careful. 

I would push in the test filament, push the Finda down until it touches the ball.  Then test removing the filament.   Move up in small moves until it starts signaling  filament/no filament correctly.  At lowest, full working height, test many times pushing filament in/out of the selector.   Tighten for permanent position and test some more to make sure it properly signals filament/no filament at final height. 

Many put their printers on a "paving stone", sponge feet etc. to minimize the shaking also. 

Posted : 25/06/2024 6:45 pm