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Assembling MMU2S and MMU3 upgrade kit  

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Assembling MMU2S and MMU3 upgrade kit

I have an unassembled MMU2S kit and am thinking about ordering the MMU3 upgrade kit. How should I go about assembling since my MMU2S kit is not assembled?  Just buy the upgrade, print the new parts and use the MMU3 instructions?  

Posted : 13/09/2023 3:19 am
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RE: Assembling MMU2S and MMU3 upgrade kit

if your mmu3 is for a mk3S or mk3S+ printer, that is correct.  the Mk3 Kit includes the daughter board to upgrade the electronics of the MMU3, including the new power and data cables, and the ne blades for the filament cutter, plus other items.
don't forget the new filament sensor for the Printer 

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Posted : 13/09/2023 6:37 am
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RE: Assembling MMU2S and MMU3 upgrade kit

The links below from the MMU2 disassembly instructions lists what parts you need to take out of your MMU2S kit.



Take out only the parts that are listed in the two summary links.    The rest of the parts need to be put back in the box and put aside somewhere you won't get them mixed up with the parts from the new kit. 


Posted : 15/09/2023 6:10 pm