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PETG PLA warping  

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PETG PLA warping

Hey all - in trying to print a fairly large object (Halo 5 Magnum) that's most the size of the bed and a couple inches thick. I'm printing in PETG with PLA supports. After some trial and error I have it working, except for warping. What I've observed is that the PETG is warping at the edges and I believe is causing the PLA to pull off the bed. The PETG is staying connected to the PLA, so no separation. One problem I've observed (unless I'm missing something) is that no matter what I do to the settings, the first layer of supports is always rectilinear, and that's not giving enough surface area to the build plate allowing the pull off. Rectilinear supports dont touch each other very well, so you dont get that solid adhesion. Glue stick helped it hold longer, but failed in the end.


I've never had PETG warp before. I believe if I could get the first layer to be more solid in the settings this would go away, but I can't figure out how. Thoughts? Other ideas also welcome. 

Posted : 05/12/2019 9:25 am