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First layer problem - z set correctly, but  

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First layer problem - z set correctly, but

I have a first layer issues.  Printing the Eclipson MXS-R V2. 

All of their pre-prepared LW-PLA prints went perfectly.

Three of their pre-prepared PLA gcode prints went perfectly.

Then I started having a first layer issue. The prints were being airdropped from (-1,6 to 0.3) about 1 to 1.5 high.

What gcode would do this?

After 4-5 failed attempts, I rechecked my z setting and it was correct.

I started another print and did a live z adjust to get to the bed (say -2.8)  Stopped that print.

Started another print from the new -2.8 and it still went to air print at the same starting height.  Attempted another live z adjustment, but quit once I got past -3.5

So what line could there be in the G code that is causing an initial lift?

The code looks fine in Prusaslicer.


Posted : 02/06/2023 3:27 pm