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Simplify3D settings for MMU2s  

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Simplify3D settings for MMU2s

Hey everyone hope youre staying safe out there in this crazy world!

I was looking thru the forums and found that the MK3s has settings that were tested with Simplify3D and should work. i havent tried them but im going to give it a shot with one of my next prints.

I have seen tons of people complaining about the speed and responsiveness of the PrusaSilcer within higher end Windows 10 machines. Im not sure why it runs so poorly for a number of us, but im not sure if its a big enough problem for Prusa devs to fix. Heck this could just be a Slic3r issue, since thats what it was built from.

Either way i would like to be able to use Simplify3D to slice Prusa mk3s &mmu2s Gcode, since its a much better user experience for me as PrusaSlicer moves like a snail. 

With that said i wondering if anyone has tested using S3D with the combo i mentioned above, and if so how did it work and can i copy? :p 

Posted : 17/08/2020 5:08 pm