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PLEASE fix useless MMU2 error messages  

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PLEASE fix useless MMU2 error messages

Can we please, please, please get more informative MMU2 error messages on the screen?

"fix the problem and push the button" is worse than useless.

1. there are a total of 4 buttons on the MMU2 (including the recessed reset button, which is the one which is needed..... sometimes).

2. exactly what  problem am I fixing?

There is any number of flashing LEDs that are displayed, so the MMU knows that there was a problem and what problem it encountered; and the printer knows the MMU knows there's a problem; so why can't we get a more informative "there was a problem with filament load, trim filament and push button #2" message? There's a procedure for addressing each of the issues represented by the LED errors in the manual, but anytime I have a blown load/unload/whatever I have to dig out the manual, find what the error codes mean, and then figure out which combination of buttons need to be pressed. Thankfully, this happens seldom enough that I don't remember what I did to fix it the last time, so that's a plus; but I also hardly ever print anything with multi materials because the errors are just often enough to be frustrating and not make me want to use it.

I know there's at least one third-party firmware out there that purports to be able to give more meaningful MMU error messages on the display, but I'm unwilling to use third-party firmware. Any chance on making this functionality official?


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Posted : 21/12/2020 3:33 pm
RE: PLEASE fix useless MMU2 error messages

Prusa have a description of different print error messages here and the knowledge base can be searched.

But I agree, the error messages are not intuitive and more help full error would be nice.


Have a look at my models on 😉

Posted : 22/12/2020 1:09 am