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MMU2S software stuck at "Loading filament 1"  

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MMU2S software stuck at "Loading filament 1"

For some reason when printing in the 1 color profile with the MMU2S it stops halfway sometimes and starts beeping. Up until now it would continue the print after clicking the button to tell it to load the filament again. The last time it happened the software seems to be hanging after accepting the option. The printer doesn't respond to any inputs. Is there any way to resume the print this way, because it's 1 day into a +/- 2 day print job 🙁

If there's no solution to resume the print, I'd like to know if anyone knows what might be causing the beeping in the first place?


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Posted : 25/06/2022 5:46 pm
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Can you describe this a little more detailed? What stops half way through what? The MMU during loading or the printer during printing? The MMU is not able to beep - since there is no buzzer/speaker in there, so I think you mean the printer beeping, normally this goes along with a message on the LCD, what did it say? Which button do you press to "tell to load filament again"? The dial on the printer or one of the MMU buttons? What does the display of the Pinter say now? What's the state of the LEDs on the MMU, what was the state of these before pressing anything? What's the state of the small LED on the FINDA probe?

Since you are printing in single mode (if that's what you mean by 1 color profile) the only thing I can imagine that may cause an error during a print is the FINDA erroneously triggering a filament runout - this would cause a beeping and a message to remove old filament and load new filament on the LCD of the printer - normally the dial--button on the printer should resume the print in this case. If the MMU is still worried (probably because the thing was caused by a false indication in the first place which might still be present) you can tell the MMU to resume by pressing the right button on the MMU if that doesn't do the trick, give the selector a slight wiggle to trigger the FIDNA and press the right button again. Good luck! 

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Posted : 26/06/2022 10:41 am
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RE: MMU2S software stuck at "Loading filament 1"

Apparently it was attempting to do a tool change in a single colored print. No idea why it would do that. It retracted #1 and tried to reinsert #1. The printer itself was beeping, don't exactly remember the message, but I pressed the button and it attempted to load #1 again. And then the printer stopped responding to anything, so I had to reset the printer

After all this I also updated prusa slicer, and sliced the print again. It didn't do the tool change this time, but I'm not sure if that was due to the version upgrade. I think I still might have gcode from the single profile that includes the retract/reload halfway through the print.

Posted : 26/06/2022 9:26 pm