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Filament doesn't reach Bondi gear  

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Filament doesn't reach Bondi gear

I have been printing successfully with the Mk 3.5+ for several years, and I just bought the MMU conversion kit. Everything seems to work well, but as the filament is loaded from the MMU into the extruder, it stops short of the extruder gear. If I feed filament manually, it prints perfectly.

I have seen in another post that there is an adjustment for filament length post-sensor, but the Slicer won't let me change it because it is a 'system' parameter, and I can't find any way to change it on the printer itself. I have the latest firmware (3.11.0-4955). Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Posted : 02/11/2022 5:47 pm
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RE: Filament doesn't reach Bondi gear

Hello, to solve this you need to print some new pieces for the extruder you can find them Here in the mmu2s files , there's not so much information about this 

Posted : 03/11/2022 10:49 am