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MMu2s MK3S+ Problems with material forwarding  

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I have the same problem with my mmus2 I haven’t been able to print anything because of this problem it loads fine to the nozzle but once starter printing the motor from the mmus2 that push the filament doesn’t move, I was wonder if you were able to fix the problem.

Posted by: @tjey

Hey guys,

I have problems with the material forwarding from the MMU2S to the Extruder.

The extruder pulls the material during printing but the material then becomes tight because it is not pushed on by the mmu2s attachment, as i suspect. Has anyone had similar problems and can tell me how the material flow from the material roll to the MMu2s attachment to the extruder is pushed through or can flow without problems during printing.

Thanks for the help in advance !


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Posted : 28/07/2023 7:17 am
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RE: MMu2s MK3S+ Problems with material forwarding

The MMU2 has the function of selecting the filament and transporting it to the extruder drive. As soon as the extruder sensor detects filament, the MMU2 drive is loosened and the filament is only transported by the extruder drive. Both sensors (MMU2 and extruder) must trigger correctly, otherwise malfunctions will occur.



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Posted : 28/07/2023 11:05 am
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