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3MF and multicolour  

Stephen Winnall
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3MF and multicolour

I have just managed to print my first non-test multicolour object using my MK3S and its MMU2S. I'm still a noob, but I'm pleasantly surprised how easy it was.

I designed the object (a mounting plate for a UniFi doorbell with my family name underneath it) with Fusion 360 version 2.0.13168 with two bodies (the background frame and the name plate). I made both bodies visible and exported them as a 3MF file, which I imported into PrusaSlicer version 2.4.2+x64 configured as a printer with MMU2S support.

Importing into PrusaSlicer results in a strange message, which I suspect is an error:

My Fusion 360 is configured to use millimetres, so I don't know why this message appears. I answer "No". If you answer "Yes", PrusaSlicer tries to convert the units from inches to millimetres, which results in objects that are far too small (2.54 or 25.4 times - not sure which).

I then get the following message:

I choose yes. PrusaSlicer then allows you to assign filaments of whatever colours you have configured to the bodies in your 3MF file:

Generate the G-code, load it into your trusty Prusa, and collect the result six hours later:

I suppose I could have chosen more exciting colours than black and white, but the principle holds 😄

Posted : 16/06/2022 8:21 pm