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Print head stuck at home during print  

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Print head stuck at home during print

I have an MK3S+ that arrived assembled. I did a few test prints and it did great. I moved on to assembling the MMU2S, and started a test print. It started fine, got through a few layers of 5 different colors, but then suffered a filament load failure. After fixing it, I noticed that a firmware update was released today. I flashed the printer and the MMU. Now when I start a print, it loads filament normally, but then the print head will not move away from home once the filament starts extruding. If I don't stop the print, it just keeps building a huge blob of filament at the home location. I ran a self test and it was successful. Any idea what could be going on? 

Posted : 02/03/2023 11:34 pm
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RE: Print head stuck at home during print

You problem could be the end of the loading sequence or the beginning of the print. To rule out the gcode: post the slicer project (zip it before attaching or the forum will ignore it). Check or better recalibrate both sensors (FINDA and IR) because they cause the majority of loading/unloading problems. and

I think the most likely cause is the IR-Sensor not being triggered constantly and reliably...

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Posted : 03/03/2023 10:37 am