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[Solved] About to install MMU2S  

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About to install MMU2S


Ive had my mk3s+ since April, with the mmu sitting in the box. Now that I’m comfortable with the printer and solving the occasional hiccup, it’s time to give the mmu install a go.  

I see a ton of mods here and on other forums, but what would you guys say are the defacto, must do mods?   Seems the coupler mod, idler adjustment are high on the list to do before install?

Also, off-hand, but would buying another extruder make it easier to install?  My extruder currently runs flawlessly, and I’d like to keep it that way. If I find the mmu is too much to deal with, I’d rather swap back to my untouched extruder.  

Thanks for any and all advice!

MK3S+ (MMU2S but not yet installed)

Posted : 02/08/2021 1:38 am
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RE: About to install MMU2S

Those quick-release fittings on the tubes.

Switch to power off the MMU2S.  Switch enclosure is in the prints section somewhere.

I run mine normally with the MMU2S extruder but in single mode.  Works just fine.  I just unscrew the bowden tube, turn off the MMU, and print.

In general, the instructions for the MMU2S are not as foolproof as for the MK3S.  Read everything over first, read all comments, read between the lines, and if anything does not seem to go right as you assemble, STOP and figure it out.

The stock buffer is a pain in the @$$!

Posted : 02/08/2021 11:20 pm