Which OctoPrint bed leveling plugin to use (MK3S+ w/ Super PINDA, Nyloc or Standard Install?)
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Which OctoPrint Plugin, if any, to use for bed leveling? Poll is created on Nov 24, 2022


Which OctoPrint bed leveling plugin to use (MK3S+ w/ Super PINDA, Nyloc or Standard Install?)  

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Which OctoPrint bed leveling plugin to use (MK3S+ w/ Super PINDA, Nyloc or Standard Install?)


After trying it a few years ago and undoing it, I wanted to return to getting better bed leveling once I can resolve the issue of stripped holes for the print bed screws.

Originally, I followed this Reddit thread guide for the Nyloc mod and the linked YouTube videos, both now 3-4 years old. However, I've since undone my Nyloc mod and went back to the standard installation as described in the heatbed assembly instructions.

Similarly, the Bed_Leveling_without_Wave_Springs GitHub page was last updated in 2019 (the OctoPrint plugin section still says "TBC") although the g81_relative script appears to have been updated in 2021.

I couldn't figure out how the g81_relative script output fully translated to how much force and by how much I needed to rotate the screws; if one full turn is 0.5mm, I'm not sure how to visualize much smaller, fractional turns or degrees to rotate the screwdriver.

Looking for alternative methods that might be easier to understand, I found the following plugins in the OctoPrint and wasn't sure if they were updated to work with the MK3S+ / Super PINDA or if they were designed with the Nyloc mod in mind versus a standard assembly:

  • Bed Level Visualizer (same issue as g81 rleative; I'm unsure how to convert the output to by how much I need to rotate the screw)
  • Prusa Leveling Guide (last updated Feb 2011; will this work with MK3S+ / Super PINDA?)
  • Bed Leveling Wizard (If one full turn of the screw = 0.5mm, this seems doable. Plus, updated Oct 2022)
  • GCode Leveling (Updated March 2021. Seems too complicated and more manual effort than others)
  • Auto Bed Leveling Expert (Last updated 2 years ago; again, seems more obtuse)

Can anyone offer advice on whether or not the Nyloc mod is still worth pursuing with a Super PINDA? Can it be used in conjunction with one or more of the plugins listed above?

Is it enough to just pick one of the plugins listed and run with a standard installation assuming it works with the MK3S+ & Super PINDA? Or should I just follow the Bed Level Correction KB Article?


Posted : 24/11/2022 1:15 pm
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Just don't - you do not need the bed to be perfectly flat and you will not be able to get it perfectly flat by applying force to it with screws in more than 3 places (ask an engineer why that is or just think about it for a few minutes).

Also: run the mesh bed leveling a few time in a row and watch the value's variance from run to run. 

For info: the bed leveling plugin for Octopint gives me a variance of around 0.5 and I have no problems printing, including big parts and all over the bed...

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Posted : 24/11/2022 2:53 pm
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