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NewBeeDrone Quad Bearing Upgrade Kit  

Extra Fox
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NewBeeDrone Quad Bearing Upgrade Kit

I admit it; curiosity got the better of me.

I've seen the NewBeeDrone quad-bearing kit for a while now and have always wondered if it worked as claimed. Do four points make it quieter, is the added rigidity going to make a difference, and does the added lightness from the carbon fiber help? So late one night, in a fit of impulse buying, I purchased one to settle the debate in my brain about whether I'm dumb for spending money or dumb for being gullible. It turned out to be the former.

So on those points, and I'm sorry I have neither pictures nor audio to share before and after with you, I'd like to report the following completely anecdotal results.

  1. Sound: It is quieter, much quieter. There's no bearing whine, and though I can hear the sound of the recirculating bearings, it's hardly as noticeable as previously.
  2. Rigidity: there's a marked difference between the play on the y-axis before and after, and it's much more rigid now.
  3. Print Quality: seemingly the same, but I'll know better as I do more prints. So far, the hardware change hasn't been counter-productive.
  4. Assembly: this one is dead simple to install compared to some modifications.


So, all told, I'm quite satisfied and believe that this is a decent upgrade.


Note: I have no association with NewBeeDrone and bought my item from their online store like any other person could using my money.


Posted : 22/11/2023 6:54 am