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How to align Igus bearings  

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How to align Igus bearings


since I had some squeeking problems with my old bearings, I've decided to upgrade the X- and Y-axis of my MK3S+ to Igus Drylins with the aluminium housing. But now I am struggling a bit to get them set up. When I first assembled the printer I got a X-axis length error - the extruder stopped short like 5 cm before the right X-axis endstop. I was able to solve this by loosening the backplate of the extruder a bit. The Y-axis worked fine during the calibration. But later I suddenly also got Y-axis errors and I was unable to resolve them by loosening the rods. I dissassembled the Y-axis again (which is pretty painful, since I also have the nylock mod) and tried to readjust it. Now seemingly everything works fine, but while doing the first layer calibration a several of times, I had the Y crash-detection fire two times. Now I am reluctant to proceed, since I suspect I have to tear it apart again.

So my question: Is there a good guide about converting the MK3S+ to Igus drylin bearings? A guide about what excactly I have to take care when assembling it? Most people don't seem to have had big problems doing it. At least they don't write about it. I would be grateful for some help. I've started upgrading the printer to the MK3S+ in September and it didn't have too much usable uptime since then 🙁

Posted : 02/12/2023 8:45 am