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Experienced Bondtech purchase  

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Experienced Bondtech purchase

last year the fall I built two Prusa kits. One was for my printing partner in a project. He went on some sort of bi polar panic attack seeing enemies around corners so after the project ended for me I gave up my beloved Prusa to a recluse with 3 ball of death machines making fast movements in between multiple objects. My new Prusa Kit had a bondtech ordered from amazon same day I placed the order with Prusa. I’ve had minimal problems with standard head until you push the machine to its upper edge. I got some 58 days on a factory extruder I assembled and zero days on a brand new one. When the Bondtech passes 60days printing I’ll be impressed. 

I print mostly TPU and ASA direct from a heater via Teflon tube. I’m settled on Polymaker TPU 90 and 95. Polymaker white and new yellow  but Switched to Prusa on red blue black ASA. Not Happy they are 850k but I had 120 left on black Asa Polymaker and it turned brittle after a few months. 

What ive learned in a year learning about filament printing is clean tray soap and water. It’s a Ferrari with a Fiat hothead.  If there is a Prusa 4 it comes with a Bondtech or stay home. I buy Wisedry Silica Gel 50. They turn from orange to green then refresh in microwave buy them. I have two tubs of TPU 4 kilos per tub 2 wisedry 50 in each. If open 8 hours in dryer then to dry box to print. The dryer saved 180$ in PLA I had left over from bad business idea. Enclosure well again promised to guide me I even bought two lack. My temp enclosure is a cardboard box. I’m thinking of putting a temp controlled cavity in a wardrobe. 

I noticed the stepper motor on the original Head got red hot. I put heat sinks on one to drop it down a touch. Bondtech I don’t think I’ll need to add them 

Posted : 03/08/2022 7:04 pm
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RE: Experienced Bondtech purchase

I have had the bond tech for the last 3 years and not one problem I also have the nozzle X same time 

Posted : 01/09/2022 12:09 pm