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Communication Error (Resolved) - Octopi Communication Error  

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Communication Error (Resolved) - Octopi Communication Error

I recently turned on my printer after a 2 week absence from printing.  I am a newer 3D printer, so I was curious and had been going through the Prusa MK3s+ menus to see what was there.

Then I decided to print an item using Octopi.  But, I couldn't get my printer to connect.  I was getting timeout errors from Octopi.  I checked/changed USB cable, connections, even swapped out the Raspberry Pi 4B that Octoprint was running on. This did not help.

I DDG'd for a couple of hours to find anything that might help.

Then I found How to fix OctoPrint keeps running into communication errors and timeouts (copy and paste this link into your browser if the above does not work)

Apparently in my going through the menus I accidentally toggled Settings>RPi port to .  It needs to be if you haven't installed the RPi zero W board on EINSY.

This solved my problem immediately.


p.s. After I discovered the above solution I found the Octoprint Configuration and Install in the Prusa Knowledgebase telling me the same thing.


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Posted : 22/04/2022 9:15 pm
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