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Y end stop failures  

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Y end stop failures

I have taken this thing apart 3 times now. Now the Heat bed will not go all the way to the back during the self test.
The tray feels like it it's stuck on something. I can move it all the way to til I hear it click manually. However because it doesn't move smoothly it gets stuck during the self test.

Loosened all the nuts for the y frame and the tray moves a little rough still. Almost feels like it's catching on something. Nothing catching at all as it passes that I can see. Flipped it upside to check as well. I can't figure out what else could cause the tray to be tough to move. When I redid the belt tension and had the belt unattached it moved perfectly smooth. Could it be a bad Y frame motor since that is what is pulling the belt?
Any ideas before I throw this thing through my window?

Posted : 27/03/2017 4:43 am
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Re: Y end stop failures

Some random ideas, maybe something helps:

- Sometimes leftover lose belt ends cause funny problems preventing and need to be trimmed a bit..
- Strange things occur when pulley, belt holder and idler aren't well aligned.. i.e. when you turn it upside down, move the bed back and forth and check if the belt gets pushed sideways.
- Check for sheared off rubber particles on your desk, good sign if the belt is rubbing somewhere
- Too much belt tension causes not so smooth movement as well.
- Check the idler, does is spin freely?
- with power off and belt unhooked, does the motor shaft turn "normally"

Posted : 28/03/2017 4:05 am
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Re: Y end stop failures

I solved it.

A bunch of things I missed while building. The bearings were not oriented correctly therefore didn't move smoothly across the rods. Bearing U bolt holders were on too tight. The center printed piece the belt is on had a piece sticking out too far on the motor side.
It fixed that issue, but my other issues remained.

Some very helpful people in the slack group were patient with me and helped me work it out.

Posted : 30/03/2017 5:05 am