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[Closed] LCD won't turn on  

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LCD won't turn on

just assembled. rambo board has power since I can see a green led but the lcd isn't on. checked the fuses and they're fine. unplugged everything but the power and lcd on the board, no change. tried reversing the ribbon cables on the board and that got the lcd to flash... actually it flashes every time I turn the knob next to it but that's all it does.

I'm at a loss.

Posted : 24/06/2017 8:24 pm
Re: LCD won't turn on

You probably have the connectors wrong way round at RAMBo end. Red stripe is pin 10 in the Prusa world...


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Posted : 24/06/2017 8:44 pm
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Re: LCD won't turn on

that was correct. So I was following the online guide and is has this image: and in that image the connectors are 180degs backwards. Once I spun them around all is well and I'm off and printing. Thanks

Posted : 24/06/2017 11:47 pm
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RE: LCD won't turn on


Thanks, by checking I realize I has the cables in the wrong spot. And now it running through the sef-check. 

Posted : 05/07/2020 2:28 am