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i3 MK2S First Build Electronics Support  

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i3 MK2S First Build Electronics Support

Hello ,

I just finished my assembled kit and was going through each of Josef's preliminary guides on YouTube.

My machine had powered on and I could see the menu, and I could hear some buzzing. All sensor displays looked to be at normal ranges. I was so excited!
Traversing through the menu I started with some fan speed tests.
I had just gotten to start turning the front fan when suddenly my printer turned off.

I had hit the switch and tried powering it back on with no success.
My printer no longer turns on, and nothing displays on the LCD when the power is switched on.

I can see the light in the PSU, but I cannot see and LED lights on the Mini Rambo. However, all of the connectors look straight an clean.

Here is a picture in case it helps..
Is my board fried?? If so? what do I do, what options and steps can I take to start printing! 🙁

Edit: Should there be some indication of shorting on these fuses, like black spots? they also look clean and new.
USB recognizes Prusa board on PC connection


Posted : 07/03/2018 4:58 am
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Re: i3 MK2S First Build Electronics Support

I think you'll need a multimeter to troubleshoot this. LED being lit in the power supply doesn't necessarily mean it's putting out power. Fuses may look "good" to the eye but still be open. You'll need to check for voltage at connector "B" and check fuse F3 for continuity.

If you have power at connector "B" and F3 is good the power LED on the mini-rambo should be lit (otherwise the board is bad).


Posted : 09/03/2018 1:05 am