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checklist after long break from printing  

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checklist after long break from printing

gonna dust off the old mk2 this week and do some printing

from the moment I built it I have been printing pretty consistently up until about 6 months ago or so when other life stuff took priority, I haven't used it since then

what would be a good preflight checklist to go through before my first print?

check screws
check belts
oil stuff??
dust things off
check zip ties
update firmware
rerun self check
recalibrate z first layer

Respondido : 06/03/2018 4:41 pm
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Re: checklist after long break from printing

Your list looks good. I would add:

1) Clean the bed. With pure acetone.
2) Run some cleaning filament through it - if you have any (worth having around).
3) There have been a lot of features added in the last 6 months. Consider a firmware upgrade, and get the latest slicer.

I would not oil unless I felt something wasn't sliding properly. Then I would only use an appropriate lubricant for the thing not moving. Search the forum for discussions.

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Respondido : 08/03/2018 3:04 am