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Broken Heatbed? Printing problems  

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Broken Heatbed? Printing problems

Hi guys. While calibrating my printer i didn't read the big red letters and an external part of the heatbed got damaged. Its a 2x1 CM Surface.

Anyway I've been printing figures and the first of them were propperly printed but a few days passed by and the front border of some pieces started to detatch and they got badly printed or sometimes just touch the nozzle and start moving.

I thought maybe it wasn't calibrated propperly but the 1st layer is perfect. Neither too round nor too flat. I've also been printing pieces on other parts of the printer and they are perfect. So my final conclussion is that the damage part is probably hurting the heating of the whole printing part in front of it so just in front of it the figures detatch.

I'm printing in PLA by the way.

I'm explaining all that with the hope to find a different solution. So if you know any it would be amazing. But I0m almost sure the printing bed is damaged and I need to purchase a new one.

So the final question is. Where can I purchase a heatbed? The faster it comes the better for me. I don't find it on the prusa shop. I've also looked on E-bay but I'm not sure which one is the propper and if i can trust the sellers.

What would you do in my situation?


Posted : 07/03/2017 2:20 pm
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Re: Broken Heatbed? Printing problems

The heat bed is in a hidden section of the Prusa shop only verified owners get access to. Use the Live Chat feature (lower right corner when you're in the Prusa shop) and ask support for access to the hidden spare parts section.

I don't think there's anyplace else that sells the MK42 bed. While you're ordering the bed, have them toss in a spare PINDA, thats one of the really hard to get parts as well.

Posted : 07/03/2017 3:01 pm