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Differences ABS / ABS-T / EasyABS  

Milos V.
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Differences ABS / ABS-T / EasyABS

I just tried to print my first ABS. I chose the Prusa ABS profile and tried.
The print did not went well, I realized that my ABS is not ABS but ABS-T. ABS profil in Slic3r is set for 250°C, but on the box was just 200-230°C.
That explained the bad result of print, decreasing to 220 was much better.
Could anyone share some experiences and differences between the ABS / ABS-T / EasyABS fillaments?
Not just the printing temperature, but also other important things, like using fan during print etc. Does it behave same way with printing bridges and overhands?
Thank you very much.


Posted : 11/06/2017 12:54 pm
Milos V.
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Re: Differences ABS / ABS-T / EasyABS

So I spent two days with ABS-T, bad results and worse.
Now I finally succeeded. I tried all the time with Slic3r settings for Prusa ABS.
First layer, warping and adhesion, this was easy. I was printing small thing 20x20mm. Good enough was a clean bed, Z adjustment (need to lower the nozzle significantly against the PLA).
But couple of layers higher, the print starts to deform, edges start to curl (not from bed, but the top layers), printed object was squashy, nozzle picks the edges. Finally it collapsed completely.

I had to redefine profile completely to be able to print something.
I succeeded with this settings:
Bed temperature 100°C (that was standard)
Nozzle temperature: first layer 225°C, next layers 215°C (instead of 250°C in the profile)
Cooling: fans off for first 3 layers, then 20% - 50% (but haven't tried more), 100% for bridges (original ABS profile has fans off, this causes the troubles)

Sure this is not the only working setting, but it worked for me. After 2 days, it was big victory.
It is good to say, that I do not have an enclosure. I also did not tried bigger objects, the setting will probably differ.

Posted : 15/06/2017 9:22 pm
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Re: Differences ABS / ABS-T / EasyABS

Milo, you saved my day. After getting terrible results with ABS-T I applied your settings plus I printed quite slow and not I got perfect results. I went for 20% fan speed.

Thanks a bunch!

Cheers Alexander

Posted : 24/04/2018 7:12 pm