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[Closed] "Left angle" power cord upgrade  

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"Left angle" power cord upgrade

A simple thing I thought I would share. I picked up one of these "left angle" power cords (it's like "right angle" 90°, but turns the other way, so that in the case of the MK2 / MK3, the cord leaves out the back of the printer). Great purchase for saving some desk space.

Really, why don't the printers come with this? Seems odd the cord comes out the side, where I can't imagine there is often a benefit.

Posted : 05/04/2018 8:01 pm
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Re: "Left angle" power cord upgrade

Good thinking!

grabbed myself one 😀

Posted : 05/04/2018 9:09 pm
Dr. H
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Re: "Left angle" power cord upgrade

That was the 1st thing I did when I got mine!
Grabbed an old cord from my pile of 'spare cords' 🙂

Posted : 05/04/2018 9:26 pm
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RE: "Left angle" power cord upgrade

I just left a reply on another post about power cords.  I just bought this one myself because of my enclosure I built and noticed it is rated at 16AWG where the original is 18AWG and asked if that was ok and would supply the necessary amps as it is rated at 10A.  I am guessing you have not had any problems.

Posted : 31/08/2019 3:07 pm
Dave Avery
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RE: "Left angle" power cord upgrade

the printer draws less than 2.5A (300w)

Posted : 31/08/2019 3:20 pm
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