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[Closed] More Temperature Presets on LCD  

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More Temperature Presets on LCD

As I have been printing more materials on the MK2, I have been getting more and more annoyed by having to manually set the temperature of the extruder and bed to load filament / preheat for exotic materials.

Anyway we could get some additional presets added to the preheat menu on the LCD? Or if anyone knows a way to add these I would love to know.

Could use presets for:
- High temp PLA at 235/55
- Taulman Bridge 255/70
- etc....


Posted : 19/04/2017 8:48 pm
Re: More Temperature Presets on LCD

... Or if anyone knows a way to add these I would love to know....
yes, that's quite easy:
add the settings inside the firmware and recompile it four your own purposes.

you need to add the missing settings at three locations:

(1) Configuration_prusa.h -> define the hotend & bed temperature and the fan speed (usually 0) for the additional filaments.
ultralcd.cpp -> add a function for each new filament ( (2) void lcd_preheat_....{}) -> easy to copy and alter an existing function

and you need to add the new entry (entries) as a choice inside the preheat menue (in the same library)
ultralcd.cpp -> (3) static void lcd_preheat_menu() {...}

you'll see how to do so, when you've found the locations inside the mentioned files.

setting up the correct arduino version and the environment for compiling the firmware is normally a real pita. but thanks to allen.d's one-click script very easy!

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Posted : 19/04/2017 11:36 pm
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Re: More Temperature Presets on LCD

Wow, that is fantastic. Thanks so much for that extremely helpful link to the script for the compiling environment and the details. It will literally take me longer to come up with the list of presets than to make the changes.

Thank you! 😀

UPDATE: Just an FYI, not sure if it pulls a stable version from GIT (I got 3.0.10-9, which seems like the most recent commit), but the one I got would not compile. For some reason there were a few variables defined twice in ultralcd.cpp. I removed the duplicate definitions and it compiled fine.

UPDATE #2: Tried to feed in firmware files for 3.0.10 with no dice. Says could not compile RAMBo. This script is great, but it would be nice if it pulled the most recent stable firmware into the environment for those who just want to make small adjustments.

UPDATE #3: Ok, got it.

- Download the stable firmware files for 3.0.10 from Github ( ) - Source
- Unzip, go to varients folder and copy the correct varient and paste it up one folder. then rename to "configuration_prusa.h"
- copy contents and overwrite the folders put there by the script
- Open the environment and then make changes!

Posted : 20/04/2017 4:12 am
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Re: More Temperature Presets on LCD

For anyone who wants a version of firmware 3.0.10 (RAMBo1.3a) with additional presets for high temp PLA (235/55) and Nylon Bridge 255/70. See attached compiled HEX. Obviously use at your own risk, I made minimal changes to the code, and it flashed fine to my machine.

Rename the zip to .hex after download. Happy Printing!

Posted : 21/04/2017 4:35 am
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Re: More Temperature Presets on LCD

Finally got some time to get back to 3D printing spent some time learning c++, and would like to know more about the prusa source files, just not sure where to start reading about all the files information what each source file purpose is, is there a document one can reference to??

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