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[Closed] mk3s fan duct  

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mk3s fan duct

Hello makers!

just wanted to see quick if there's anyone else having problems with overhangs on the mk3s?

i belive there could be some improvements on the fan duct to get better airflow on the " backside " of the prints?

please tell me im not the only one with this problem.

is there anyone out there with an upgrade fanduct that covers the entire print?


best regards!

Posted : 15/12/2019 3:36 pm
Jim S
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RE: mk3s fan duct

there are a ton of fan shroud design out there on thingiverse that are optimized for flow or dual fan head design i like the best 


Posted : 19/02/2020 4:18 pm
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RE: mk3s fan duct this one without the side holes is great.

It's basically the MK3 shroud for the MK3s.

The fan shroud of the MK3s is crap.

Posted : 14/05/2020 6:22 pm