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Stringing on upper layers?  

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Stringing on upper layers?

Hi - I love using modifiers to change infill and perimeter settings! But I'm wondering if it is possible to change the nozzle temperature for certain layers too? That would be a really great solution for stringing - I've found if I lower the temperature, it will reduce it, but I don't want to have to lower the temperature for the entire print.

(For that matter, I wonder if by allowing temperature to be adjusted mid-print might allow for truly multimaterial printing from a single extruder, instead of just multi-color.)

Thanks. Andrew

Posted : 15/03/2022 11:18 pm
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RE: Stringing on upper layers?

Of course you can 😊 That's how temp towers work. 

Simply insert custom gcode into Printer Settings>Custom gcode>Before layer change.


G92 E0.0 
{if layer_num==4}M104 S220{endif} 
{if layer_num==28}M104 S215{endif} 
{if layer_num==54}M104 S210{endif}   


 That should get you started. Just set the temperature in the S option to whatever you choose. Instead of layer number you can also use layer height. You can of course also use greater than or less than operators in the if clause. 

Posted : 17/03/2022 5:17 pm
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RE: Stringing on upper layers?

Thank you!!!

Posted : 18/03/2022 11:30 pm