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Print Adhesion issue in lower left corner of bed  

Print Adhesion issue in lower left corner of bed

Hello, I am trying to print a model with PETG on a textured bed on my MKs3+.  The print starts in the lower left corner of the bed and I can’t get good first layer adhesion in the lower left corner.  I really haven’t had many print issues with my printer and this one has me perplexed.  In addition to the adhesion, it seems to be stringing a lot even on the first layer.  Just between laying the test strip, the perimeter, and starting the print it moves to start laying the next line down but still has a second string connected in the air from the last lift point if that makes sense.  I’ve tried slowing it way down, cleaning the bed, and adjusting the 1st layer z-adjustment both ways but haven’t resolved.  
I walked away from the first print and came back to a good amount of Petg melted to the bottom of the extruder.  I cleaned it as best I could but it is blackened.  While calibrating for subsequent prints, I’ve noticed the Petg is oozing slightly from the nozzle. Even with pulling it off right before the print starts it seems like it might be oozing, curling, and sticking to the side of the nozzle.  I’m wondering if this is grabbing the first layer or if I have nozzle damage preventing a clean layer.  However it appears to only be a problem in the one corner of the bed.  Below are a couple pictures of a 1st layer calibration (in that corner) as I tried different z-settings.  You can see in both of them the lower left corner has pulled up, not sure if that corner of the bed is low or if the adhesion is just poor enough that it is getting pulled up as the nozzle pulls away.  Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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Posted : 10/06/2023 8:47 pm