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Sides of prints fraying and uneven  

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Sides of prints fraying and uneven

I think this is a common problem, but I don't see it exactly in other pictures. 

My PETG files are printing horribly all of a sudden. The bottoms are a little worse, but its mainly the sides that are coming out frayed and uneven (see pictures). 

Recently, I switched to PLA and printed for several days with many colors (probably some low quality filaments mixed in) and then went back to my usual black PETG (with a brand I have used a ton before and never had issues with). I tried 2 different rolls of PETG during trouble shooting.

Any recommendations? Today my plan is to try taking out the filament tension screw/re-insert. I also have some cleaning filament being delivered today - ill try a cold pull. I may also open up the extruder while I'm at it and scrub it with a wire brush. 

I have several nozzles I can change out to if its recommended.


Posted : 27/01/2023 8:08 am
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Is there a reason you didn't provide a Zipped up PrusaSlicer project file? maybe the other forum posts didn't elude to this? How are we supposed to help you?

Not that we wouldn't like to but how? with no information.

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Posted : 27/01/2023 8:42 am
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Have you dried your filament?


Posted : 27/01/2023 10:08 am