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sanity check - is this only a clogged nozzle?  

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sanity check - is this only a clogged nozzle?

Hi there,


long time no problems, but I'm back again...

I just finished printing this:


To me it looks like some degree of under extrusion thanks to a clogged nozzle. At least had similar looking issues before that could be resolved with a good thorough clean of the nozzle. And I've already did a clean and before embarking on another 10 hour print I wanted other opinions.

This model being a bit weirdly placed on the sheet, I am hoping anybody might have any other suggestions. Especially regarding placement and supports. I didn't design the model. Otherwise I would have most likely done it in multiple parts, so that it could be placed flat on the back and the hinges  printed separately. The designer is currently too busy to make any changes. This one part of many with a total print time of about 30 hours for all of them and I need at least three, better five by early November, so can't wait for updated models.


Hence, any help would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance as always


Posted : 28/09/2023 10:39 pm