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Printing multiple instances fails  

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Printing multiple instances fails

MK3S+ w/enclosure

Prusa Slicer

All software & firmware up to date

I run two printers pretty much around the clock making the same part. It's a small part, and I typically do two instances at a time:

This is not the best example, but a run of two usually prints pretty clean. I'm using PETG on both a textured and satin sheet.

If I try to run more instances, either for or six, they pretty consistently fail, like this:

This run is better than most, but it always comes up, usually at the middle L instance, and the front R instance. Usually by then it's failed all over.

In doing extensive searching on this forum and others, a common refrain is an unlevel bed or bed that isn't flat.

What I've done so far:

  • Changed to 7x7 bed leveling
  • Dialed in the first layer z calibration. 
  • Performed a first layer square:

This one started from the R front, and failed almost immediately, so I stopped. On a hunch, I reversed the infill direction and tried again, to get this:

Also did a 3x3 test, which starts on R front:

And a retraction test, which showed some stringing:

So I ask, what am I missing. Is this a very precise level problem, is it a retraction problem?



Posted : 26/09/2023 8:24 pm