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Rough Prints Close to Bed  

Rough Prints Close to Bed

Hello! Wondering if this is a known or common issue... Whenever I try to print a part that has an angle surface or rounded surface, for about 5 to 6 mm from the bed, the filament surface looks rough. I'm using Overture, Polymaker and Prusament PLA, and it doesn't seem to matter which brand. I live in Utah in an area with very low humidity and humidity in the area that I'm working is around 20%. These are printed on the smooth PEI sheet. For the temperature, I'm using the recommended settings for each filament. Usually that is anywhere from 50 to 57°C on the bed and 215 to 225 Celsius on the filament. The fan settings are the default recommended by Prusaslicer.

Has anyonehad similar issues or a way to remedy this?

Opublikowany : 17/05/2023 4:29 pm