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Prints failing - not sticking to bed, slinky like.  

Prints failing - not sticking to bed, slinky like.

I've had my printer for about a year, I've never had to mess with any settings it was very much a plug and play printer for me. However, now it's giving me a few problems.

Issue: It appears my filament isn't sticking to the bed well, eventually comes look and just gets stuck to the nozzle. It also doesn't seem like it's melting filament together, it's very stringy, almost like a slinky.

I have tried both my bed plates, cleaned my plate, tried eSun filament and Prusament PLA. I've tried bumping the temp up some, but still just not getting there.

I went through the 'factory reset' settings and completed all of that with no issues - but it's still behaving the same way.

I was able to print one object perfectly on 2 days ago, but even it wasn't stuck to the bed like my old prints used to be. It just slid off when it was done and previously I would have to use that little tool to break it from the bed.

I'm not sure if the filament isn't getting hot enough, but then I have the blotches when it gets stuck and that looks almost burned. Is the bed not getting hot enough? If my Z not calibrated properly? I'm kind of at a loss here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted : 16/05/2023 1:34 pm