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Newbie PETG help  

Newbie PETG help

Hello Fam, Still learning the fine art of the print and appreciate any help you can offer. I am using PETG primarily and am having a weird issue where, after one good print of an identical object, I will suddenly start getting this weird gradient in my first layer that botches the whole print. It starts out just fine (lower right corner) and steadily degrades as it moves left (top left corner). I thought it was something with my bed leveling, but after re-calibrating, it prints fine 2-3 times and then starts this again. What am I missing?

Posted : 17/05/2023 9:35 pm
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RE: Newbie PETG help

Are you using glue stick or something as realese agent as you shouldn't print petg on that bed

Please help me out by downloading a model it's free and easy but really helps me out

Posted : 20/05/2023 8:07 pm
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RE: Newbie PETG help

There is obviously something wrong with the bed level of your printer.

Follow these instructions to solve the problem.


Posted : 20/05/2023 8:27 pm
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Do you get 2 - 3 good first layers before the print goes awry?

Your PINDA may be loose...


Posted : 20/05/2023 8:55 pm