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Printing on Textured PEA  

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Printing on Textured PEA

I bought a textured PEA print bed. I had a lot of trouble getting PLA to stick but I did get it to stick with Amazon Basics glue. For a project I need PETG prints and so I tried my standard method (glue). After prints I would wash with water and glue before next print. Also on the first layer the print started lifting and it kinda looks like there is insufficient filliment but not sure. I have already tried isopropal alcohol. I always used glue after cleaning with isopropal alcohol because I am afraid of prints sticking too well. I have tried adjusting z-height but not confident that it is the best. I would love suggestions about how I can get my prints to stick better

0.6mm nozzle is being used.

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Posted : 29/12/2019 11:34 pm