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Print restarts but in a different place.  

Print restarts but in a different place.

I have had this occur a few times now.

It gets a way into the print, then starts again from scratch over the top of the original print.
It starts in a different place, I guess because the bed is in a different place.

Originally I was blaming myself where I modified a file.
Then I realised that the SD card slot was temperamental, I repaird it, it worked again for a bit, then it happened again.
If I touched the SD card, it reset. So, I got round to setting up octoprint. Boy that is good eh?
I am using a Pi4 outside the enclosure. Connected via USB cable. The Pi is connected to my LAN via ethernet cable.
I am using PoE. With quite a long cable.

Is something with one of those aspects going wrong and it is just resetting?
Is there a way to look up and see if something occurred?


Posted : 21/05/2024 10:17 am