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Please analyze print quality  

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Please analyze print quality

Printed first benchy.


Please analyze and suggest improvements to print quality. Where should i look and doo what ? 


Thanx's 🙂

Posted : 11/05/2021 11:37 am
Dan Rogers
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RE: Please analyze print quality

so far so good - not bad.  How's the bottom layer (that's an important one).

Posted : 11/05/2021 1:45 pm
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RE: Please analyze print quality

It looks very good, particularly compared to most "rate my Benchy" posts that I see for other printers. Unfortunately, we need a couple more pics to really see everything:

  1. A shot of the front (bow) from underneath. That area of the print tests your cooling.
  2. A shot of the doorway arch from underneath. That area of the print tests your bridging and cooling.
  3. A shot of the underside. As @Dan Rogers notes, that part of the print shows your 1st layer/Live-Z calibration results. 

Based on what I see, I'm not expecting any problems. That fine stringing is nothing to worry about. Common causes:

  • Your filament can absorb moisture over time. Start reading up on storing your filament to store it. I use Ziploc-style bags with a packet of desiccant.
  • The Prusa filament profiles are well-tuned, but as you start to use other filaments, get familiar with the process of tuning your extrusion multiplier. I found this made the biggest difference in terms of eliminating fine stringing.

I've got a bunch of other notes on the Mk3 here that you might find helpful. In particular, read up on Live-Z calibration and properly cleaning the smooth PEI sheet.


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Posted : 11/05/2021 2:48 pm
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RE: Please analyze print quality

I would say if you use PLA, it's a little bit too stringy. I usually lower the temp a little bit in this case.

If that's PETG, the print is good as it is.

A bottom layer would be interesting to see, but based on other photos, that probably is fine too.

Posted : 14/05/2021 4:14 am
RE: Please analyze print quality

It is a good start.  Have you done a temp tower?  A temperature tower will check to see if the filament you are utilizing is being printed at the right temperature.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 14/05/2021 9:08 am
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RE: Please analyze print quality

Move on, pick something else and print it , after you printed that do it again and then again, don't stop, when you feel something isn't right come back and ask how you might improve it, 


your on your way, enjoy.



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Posted : 15/05/2021 4:03 am