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3DBenchy PETG Issues  

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3DBenchy PETG Issues

As you can see here, there are these strange blobs or "warts" on the hull. What's it called and how can I fix it? Attached is the Cura profile I used to print this. I used the PETG profile.

On that note, since we are on the topic, any other ideas on how to improve the hull build? I dialed in my flow multiplier and my retractions, but its still hard to get it right. Luckily, I mostly use PETG for "engineering" parts/parts that will be functional so this is not a big pressing issue for me, but I would like to solve it anyways.

Posted : 13/10/2023 11:51 pm

Just a guess...

Retraction issue. Not enough so it's oozing or building up on nozzle, creating inaccuracies in layers and then breaking off as a blob. Try increasing retraction length and/or speed.

Z-height issue. Too close or too far.

Temperature issue. Adjust nozzle temp and fan speeds.

Posted : 17/11/2023 11:17 am
RE: 3DBenchy PETG Issues

Try my filament profile.

Create one based on prusament PETG, change extrusion multiplier to 0.96, temperature nozzle, first layer 240, other layers 250.  Max volumetric speed of 8.  Leave everything else the same.

Posted : 24/11/2023 8:09 am