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Pla and pva at different temperatures  

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Pla and pva at different temperatures

I am having trouble trying to grasp nozzle temps for different filaments.

My pla prints best at 215, pva prints best at 195-200.  I tried to reach the in-between, to no good.  At 210 pla, my temp will change to 205 for the pva.  How do I create this to keep my pla at 210, and drop my pva to 200.  When I select the oozing option, it tells me it can't be used with the wipe tower but was my understanding that it would drop the temp the 15 degrees from switching pla to pva.

On the main screen prusa slicer if I select the setting gear next to a filament will the edits for filament settings > temperature only affect my selected filament, or will it turn my pla to the same temperature?

I edit the pla for 215 temp, but when I select the pva+, it will load the pla setting of 215.  I will then set pva to 200/195, and then going back my pla shows set to 200 as well.  I want to set a default heat and bed value like a filament profile loading these filaments to the mmu2 selection slot.

Posted : 07/10/2022 5:23 pm