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PETG sticks to well to PEI - a Solution  

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Buy a satin sheet.. Use the PEI for PLA. No messing around for either plate. 

i3 Mk3 [aug 2018]

Posted : 25/02/2023 11:53 pm
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Yes, but I've heard others say that it is (repackaged hair spray) as well.

I wrote this up in depth in a post here but here's the summary.

I took a bottle of Layerneer to the hairstylist that both I and my wife use.  She said that she is very familiar with most all hair products, both in consumer and professional lines, and would be happy to see if she could identify it.

She looked at, felt, and smelled the Layerneer, then kind of did a test that they do to tell the holding power of hair sprays, and said that it's very similar to any of several so-called unscented hair sprays.  She dropped the name Rave, but said she could not positively identify the brand.

Then a few days later, somebody else here posted the key ingredient of a competing product of Layerneer and I phoned her and she confirmed that it was also a key ingredient in many hair sprays.

Am I gonna drop Layerneer and switch to a hair spray?  No, a bottle lasts forever and I like the very convenient applicator on the bottle, so it's well worth US$20 and change to me.

Posted by: @annier

Aren't you the one who said that this was just recycled hairspray?

I found that Got2B Glued works wonders on 3d prints.


Posted : 26/02/2023 1:44 am
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