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I have a problem with prusaslicer. I'm using latest release. Currently I'm working on a bussiness card for MMU. The model of a card is fine, but when I import it to slicer and separate it to parts, it gives me about 150 parts. It isn't handy to set up those parts one by one. It is 5 color model so is any posibility to separate those parts on fewer parts? Via prusaslicer or Blender that I'm using for 3D modeling. I did a quick test for this problem. I have in Blender 3 objects called red, orange and yellow.


When I import it to prusaslicer and want to separate it, it gives me 16 parts instead of 3



Is there any option to make it on 3 parts in slicer or Blender?

Thx for answer 🙂

Posted : 12/04/2020 5:18 pm