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Flexible filament fails at consistent intervals  

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Flexible filament fails at consistent intervals

I'm having a super weird issue where the flexible filament I'm using is perfectly fine for a few minutes, then it suddenly starts popping like it has a lot of moisture in it - this usually causes it to fail, but sometimes it gets through it, and then it's fine again. Then a few minutes later it starts to pop again and this repeats until it eventually fails!

I've bought an eSun filament dryer, and put it in at 50deg for about 5-7 hours, but I still get this issue - it's almost like only one side of the filament is drying potentially?

Here's a pic of what it looks like when it starts out fine, then fails, then is fine again, then fails fully.

I'm using a 0.6mm nozzle. The print speed is capped at 2MVS - meaning it's likely 10-15mm/s (which is definitely within range for TPU).

When theres a brand new roll that's been properly sealed, the prints come out great and never fail - it's just when this happens that it fails...

This even appears to happen on new rolls sometimes - but I can't say that for sure as I may be mis-remembering.

Posted : 04/08/2022 9:14 am
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Mark the reel.  Does the irregularity occur whenever the reel returns to the same position?

If so, look for somehing affecting one side of the stored reels.


Posted : 04/08/2022 10:02 am
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RE: Flexible filament fails at consistent intervals

Well, popping sure sounds like moisture. For what it's worth, I dry TPU at 55 degrees for 6+ hours in a PrintDry Pro and then print directly out of the dryer. I have never used the eSunlu, I didn't hear the greatest things about it.

Posted : 04/08/2022 8:15 pm