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Disappearing edges from Part after slicing  

Mohammed lamine Mekhalfia
Disappearing edges from Part after slicing

Hello Prusa users.

I am facing a problem concerning the printing of a part. When I slice, some of the part element disappear, I tried to google the issue I found that it is common somehow but even though I followed the suggestions I couldn't resolve it. Any one has an idea or could help me? Attached an overview of the problem.

This is the link for the Stl file :

Napsal : 26/05/2023 2:27 pm
Illustrious Member

That's a difficult part to print, it needs rotating to fit the bed and then the orientation of the lay remains problematic.  Without some engineering insight the stress lines are hard to estimate.

The part is very thin with knife edges, never easy to print and prone to varying errors depending on slight changes of rotation - also it requires very complex supports.

I presume it was not originally designed for FDM printing.

Please save your project as a .3mf file

Files > Save Project as

Zip the .3mf and post it here. It will contain both your part and your settings for us to diagnose.


Napsal : 26/05/2023 10:20 pm