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how to print with low infill but interior structures?  

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how to print with low infill but interior structures?

Hi all, I teach STEM at an elementary school. Tinkering with an idea: I want to have 5th graders design simple airboats (complete with motors, etc).  In the slicer, I'm hoping to print with a low infill. but when I do, the interior structures are not supported and its a mess (pic).  Is there a way to keep the infill low but add supports to the interior structure?  Not sure if that makes sense... 

Posted : 14/10/2022 5:30 pm
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RE: how to print with low infill but interior structures?

Yes but the other ways are slow.

Print on transom and the bows will close the buoyancy cells.


Or print with one bottom side on the build plate with the model at a 45 degree angle, use paint on supports and paint a line either side of where the model touches the. Build plate. And one line up each of the long 45 degree corners. (Minimal support) the model should hold itself up and print well.

But both options will take a while to print.

Or cut the hull in two. Print with bottom and deck on the build plate then glue together

This will print faster 



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Posted : 14/10/2022 6:16 pm
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