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Deformation at corners  

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Deformation at corners

Dear All,

I have a following problem. I am trying to print small rectangular enclosure, dimensions are 65x30x10 mm, corners are rounded with R=4 mm. The item is deformed by shrinking at corners. The flat part is partly detached from bed at corners and further walls are bent inside. What is interesting further layers of walls are better, the final layer has good shape.

I am using new Orginal Prusa i3MK3S with texturized plate, HIPS-X black filament from Spectrum, extruder temp.:240 C, bed temperature: 120C. I had to increase the bed temperature because I had problems with low adhesion to the texturized plate.

Maybe somebody has any hints, which could help me to solve my problem? Could you please share your knowlege with me?



Posted : 24/02/2021 12:35 pm
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RE: Deformation at corners

Poor adhesion in narrow parts and corners is often an early sign that the bed is building up grease, oxide or other contaminant that is not soluble in the usual alcohol wipe..

Try a thorough wash of the sheet with dishwashing detergent (Dawn/Fairy) and plenty of HOT water, rinse well and dry with a fresh paper towel. Handle by the edges only.


Posted : 24/02/2021 3:15 pm
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RE: Deformation at corners

if you’re sure the plate is clean, try adding a brim. 

Posted : 24/02/2021 4:05 pm