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Creating a 3d printed Mold with PVA  

Christopher Rossi
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Creating a 3d printed Mold with PVA

I am interested in creating molds. I have viewed many videos on different techniques involving clay and silicone. I was wondering if you can print a mold directly with PVA and directly use a resin with it. I ask because I believe I saw somewhere that PVA does not stick to resin. Is it possible to do this or is using clay and making a silicone mold still one of the better ways? Thank you.

Posted : 01/05/2023 11:51 pm
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It depnds what you're trying to mould.   PVA can be tricky to print and takes quite a while to dissolve in large masses. 

Lost PLA moulding works well; use unpigmented PLA.  TPU and similar flexible filaments can be used as direct moulds for plaster and similar but resins are apt to stick too well.   I have made indirect moulds for metal casting;  Effectively a metamould that produces sacrificial casting plaster moulds into which the melt is poured, they don't last long but then you cast another one.  You may be able to adapt this for resin work.


Posted : 02/05/2023 2:26 am
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RE: Creating a 3d printed Mold with PVA

I have heard of people using PVA to do actual prints, as opposed to just using it as support material.

I don't know what resin you are using, but it seems like just about anything will dissolve PVA, as in any water-based solution, the common solvents, etc.

Posted : 02/05/2023 2:55 am